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Monday, March 15, 2010

Diffrence Between SEO And SFO

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, SFO: Search Friendly optimization.

These two things are most webmasters are hard to compensate. These things always seem to be at opposite ends. On the other hand, you must make sure crawl search page without any problems. On the other hand, you must be good for the visitors on the site.

These are all what type of website that you are planning is based. Corporate website for selling shoes in the real world, can keep the focus on good visitors. And maybe pack it in Flash, and all kinds of descriptive images. On the other side of the site on-line products, electronic commerce, and the images can be cut in order to concentrate on SEO. I will go to both just in case.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

The first thing you need if you select the SEO meta tags. Now there are many meta tags are generators, there is a faster way to get them. But I suggest, like me, if you want to do it even after the search engines your site will present more effectively. In short, you have to examine the various search engines and find out how the content and meta tags, what they need or can benefit out of it. Mine is based on Google so check the source blog, and they are the tags used to Google. In addition, a website that can help you in your SEO is: them you need a member of the UE, the tools, but also supports free. They have a lot of SEO tips and tools. Research positions is not your ranking in search engines be forgotten. Find out what they base their search results and how they decide who to lead the first display when the user queries. As Google uses Google Google rank and full-page table. But perhaps the sea is eto content on the subject in order to increase the keyword density and them.

SFO(Search Friendly optimization):

SFO is pretty easy to implement, if you have the correct information. Like many web sites that they are regular censuses and surveys of the perceived by the users and what their personal opinion. It is an effective way to know your audience. Once you know the majority of visitors to certain kinds of things that you start with them. Therefore, users have a pleasant and successful website. But never forget statistics users do not need to say. How to visit such as what browser your website in general and what operating with the system. And to know how many webmasters, Firefox and Internet Explore (one of the leading web browsers) is a different rendering engines. To find out what most users use the site and edit it. In addition, if statistics show that they are almost as old people, what to use. Thus, the user can specify which version of the site they want to see. Two versions of your site can be difficult to keep, but I remember it is worth it. In one case, a friend of mine had to make four different versions. And consider this to be updated at the same time.