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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

SEO Glossary 2018 for Beginners

If you’ve arrived on this page you probably know what the acronym SEO stands for (don’t worry if you don’t, you’re sure to find out below). However, there’s a lot of technical lingo out there that you may not be familiar with, that can be helpful in understanding search engine optimization. Whether you’re new to the field or trying to brush up on your skills, mastering these must-know SEO terms is crucial for the success of your website. Don’t worry, as after reading this SEO dictionary you’ll be as wise as the SEO Wiz himself.

Note: words that are bolded in the text mean they are defined somewhere else in the glossary.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Find Your Competitor’s Recurring Backlink Sources

Find Your Competitor’s Recurring Back link Sources with this Simple (yet little known) Hack:-

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that analyzing the link profiles of your competitors is one of the best ways to find back link opportunities for your website.

 This Article will help you to know about back link.

 You can read this full article by source:

Find Backlinks Sources

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Learning SEO – Where to Start

When you talk to SEOs about how they got into the industry, the stories are always pretty varied.  There is no standard route into SEO given that it isn’t taught at University or College, at least not as a stand alone course.  Many people tend to fall into SEO by accident and catch the bug, that bug is usually getting one of their own websites to number 1.

As I’ve become more experienced over the years and starting running my own team at Distilled and worked with people who are brand new to SEO, I’ve collected various links, resources and notes that I will give to new starters at Distilled to help give them a head start.  This post will share all of this so you also have a point of reference for you to give to new starters in your own company.

My thoughts on learning SEO

I wanted to start off with my own opinion on learning SEO, I’m not saying I’m right on all these things, in fact I’d encourage you to tell me what has worked for you if it differs from my approach...Continue Reading
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Search Engine Satisfaction Dips Slightly: Google, Bing Effectively Tied

Look out, Google. In the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index for search engines, Bing has practically matched the search leader’s consumer satisfaction score for the second year in a row, with not that far behind.

Bing Barely Behind Google

The scores look like this:
  • Google: 82 points
  • Bing: 81 points
  • 80 points
  • Yahoo: 78 points
On the ASCI scale, 100 would be a perfect score. Google earned 82, or what I’d call a B letter grade. But Bing was just behind by one point, and that makes it effectively tied with Google. Writes ACSI:.....

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Tips How to Use Pinterest for your Brand Promotion

Social media is a great way to market and promote your business, product, or brand. As a matter of fact, social networks are such a top tool for brand promotion, experts agree that brands need to have a social media presence if they want to survive and thrive in our modern economy. One of the top social networks is the relatively new Pinterest. Lots of people are using this site, and many businesses and brands are getting aboard, creating a presence there to woo new customers and clients and create better brand recognition. That being said, you need to get on Pinterest too! If you don’t know what to do once you are there, the following tips how to use Pinterest for your brand promotion should help you get started.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Latest Complete SEO Glossary

 For Find Compete SEO Latest Glossary visit at :

Glossary is a list of SEO with the following definition. This list is a glossary SEO was created in order to understand the marketing on search engines and Web development using the most. Search engine optimization, our glossary is in alphabetical order. SEO Glossary simply click on one of the characters in the list of terms and definitions for this letter.

All of the definitions on this page are an internal anchor that link to themselves, thus if you wanted to link at the PageRank definition on this page you would scroll down to PageRank and click on it. Then in the address bar you would see which links directly to that definition.

We are often asked what does this mean? and we received many comments requesting an SEO glossary. So we decided to create this page. :)

Personal experiences make everyone biased, but the bias in any of the following definitions in one which aims to skew toward blunt & honest (rather than wrapping things in a coat of political correctness and circular cross-referenced obscurity. There was no group think hidden agenda applied to this page, and any bias in it should be a known bias - mine. :) Here is a list of some of my known flaws and biases in my world view.

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