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Monday, March 22, 2010

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Traffic Tips

If you have a blog, providing updates on issues can taste, but I have a lot Atom. This includes your very strange orange button on the updated frequently, such as blogs. Tip two types of RSS feeds.

Draft learning to talk to other computers on site for you. Negotiations for sale to increase the number of people and see the page directly to subscription and advertising feed reader or indirectly alter the ranking of search results. Do you at least provide the basis for life.

1. RSS is No.1 I really love him, but I always understood that we must improve our site. Try to move your mind and start with a basic knowledge of how to help your business.

2. If the newsletter site, you can use RSS to blog via e-mail and e-mail to subscribe in the upper right corner of the window gently pointed out that the site or otherwise, so d 'to select.

3. Remember, once a week to verify their lives. Sometimes this is not all you need is unusual characters in the book to break the force. Feed assistance for free.

4. Life, RSS engines and directories. Hundreds of them, as he and others are not as Syndic8 changing relationships.

5. RSS is that it helps to talk with social media sites automatically, but if you're not sure exactly what and how often? Try using Feed Burner. In my opinion, the service can be reduced if Google is not more than a year ago, but before the court to take into account the level event was when I started.

is still attractive and the traffic charge is not necessary to redirect all traffic through Feed Burner, you do not want, but this is a place that can give its consent, such as Facebook and Twitter all reuse.

6. Google Reader.

It all points yes. Those who read messages on the blog will continue to e-mail, Google Reader, the first choice. Pre-button on your site, search the Google News Reader again. Does not hurt to share the articles there.

7. If you eat a full or partial feeds? Controversial issues. I can not go into much detail and are adapted to the game result may be different from the conventional wisdom is OK. The decision of my new place and let the offers readers decide when it comes to the area, and also briefly associated with food, maybe someone on the link at the end a shortage of food, we all know that the full text.

RSS is very nice part of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) you can use.....