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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Communication of new and improved Google Googlebot

The Google index one of the most important site of the World Wide Web. Now is the most popular search engine, Google has made, and to set standards other search engines to try to follow. The company has done with the help of advanced indexing tools in the arsenal Googlebot.

Web Crawler Google bot is a company that manages the Internet and view Web sites that are classified according to the standards of Google.

Previous versions of Google bot as a limited functionality. This is nothing more in research and analysis of codes and read the links on the Internet. However, Google revealed that Google bot has improved and can now interact with JavaScript. This went far as saying that the Bot understand some Java. If what he said was true, indexing and differentiate sites with rich content and quality will be much easier.

JavaScript is a relatively simple thing to understand. And the bot to be able to do so can be very effective. According to Forbes, it is very difficult to implement algorithms and program to ensure that the program will continue to work indefinitely. These are difficult issues can be facilitated if Google bot JavaScript to work alone.

Many analysts credit the caffeine in Google, the latest version of the search index of the company, a significant improvement compared to the Google bot. Caffeine in the Google search engine on the internet is now faster and more complete. To ensure that the spiders level will be needed.

The world is now feeling the results, and provide new and improved Google bot. Now, many worry that the world's largest search engine business is done.