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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Google Buzz Will Also Affect SEO

All the buzz on the new social media on Google nicknamed "Buzz Google." While millions of people have, the great new features and look to bring new world of communication really opened up, we are all in a professional search engine optimization, which asks, "How Local SEO;"

Allow me to everyone, but some Google buzz has shown clear strategic advantage over the competition:

* Darn Google almost synonymous with the investigation say that is the control of the gate!

* The Google Maps is the most frequently used applications on the Smartphone Show

* All of your Gmail account automatically entered in the Buzz

* Oh Yeah ... and all users of the new smartphone that uses Android will automatically create Gmail accounts

He told me that I have not see Buzz Google acquisition of Twitter or Facebook in the near future in the world of social media, but from the perspective of SEO Local Buzz Google in the near future, benefit more from the Local SEO Facebook or Twitter. It will clarify the previous statement, in seconds, but first I want to share some of my previous experience to you ideas, like Buzz, Google may affect the company brand and your online presence in the near future (today).

I "Buzzin ', because I started the Google buzz. Not impressed the first to jump on Google by my mail to appear. Then he jumped over the phone by using the Google Maps application, which began in my opinion, turning! You can use the application layer on Google Maps, you see all the other people, "buzzin 'to allow in your area. While this presents some issues concerning the protection of privacy are (not discussing now what about this, but you can not on Stocks the public), it was very cool!

If you are a business in Google Maps, and to a page where you're a cell phone button buzz about this place. You can buzz for the company that you love, you do not want art, etc. This is an area where Google is the leader of the Championship, Facebook or Twitter as a person uses Google Maps to be able to find local businesses to see what other people say about this company, but rather criticism.

Let us first discuss what already exists and we will also speculate on possible next steps by Google. Deal; Okay, so we have found Buzz Google built Google Maps mobile version, people can buzz about your company and that other people can the thesis of a post on the Google Map mobile phone, which makes it very visible course we want so much positive buzz as possible, right? Significance. Even if a user want a negative buzz about your company, you may return to their posts to help bring them back and save what is wrong, tell others, watched the buzz is that you are concerned about their customers, you are and probably this is an isolated case. Yes, if you think you have to avoid social media, not longer!

Suppose, now, what about the next steps for Google, perhaps. I am writing an article on the future of search is directed to me, that what we suspect is, over the next 3 years to happen here in the vicinity with the launch of Buzz Google and many others will follow in 2010. But back to the speculation ... It is not clear to me that the default Google Pages Web site coming soon "buzz for this operation" attribute (you can leave your opinion on shares if you agree or not). I am sure you will also have a part in Google Place the side that says something like: "Is this (Business Buzz" and the full list of public companies including this review). I also believe that Google will add a layer on the desktop to the Google Maps that allows users to buzz the same level can be further increased.

I did a Google research lab in the media and social participation search, but not super excited about it and thought to participate in a reality long ago. Is a condition that results from friends on social networks, information is included in the results, your friends from Twitter, Face book, Friend Feed uses, etc. What all are obvious, but for me now is that the current laboratory tests to determine The best way to operate more efficiently Buzz Google along with "other" social media platforms in the search results. So, I begin to think in the near future to see the workshop was, as you will see a complete frame, or released at least one of them can be selected to the local social information about what you want to display.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google AdWords: How To Reduce Costs

If you want to advertise your site with Google AdWords, chances are you find that your AdWords spend a lot of money without much return.

The reason why many people spend more than those in Google AdWords ads that they use the wrong settings for your campaign.

Convert long tail keywords are the best and the number of

Several studies have shown that the long tail keywords are much higher conversion rate than a keyword. Long tail keywords are keywords that are specific, consisting of 4 or more words.

The latest survey results, Wise, more than 18% of the searches of five or more keywords. Google says that "20% of the queries Google receives every day [they] do not see at least 90 days, if at all."

Too long tail keywords only cost you money

The evidence suggests that this may be a good idea to use the broad match keyword. It is not possible that all possible keywords manually campaign. Google, we recommend that you use the appropriate keywords:

"The area is a great opportunity to highlight the following unexpected, but the queries. If there is, the broad match, your ad will match your keyword appears to be not only a question of the correct spelling, but it also collects expansion to include synonyms, singular / plural, significant changes to the keywords and phrases containing your keywords.

Unfortunately, this is not so simple. If you are using the match all your keywords, your ad will appear in searches outside the party and you pay a lot of money in exchange for something.

For example, the "Tiger" will be used to find Tiger Woods, the Siberian tiger, the tiger shark, a town in Georgia, tigers, etc.

It is therefore important to distinguish between the long tail keywords that are not linked to your website.

Negative keywords will increase your conversion rate

You can enter a so-called negative keywords in Google AdWords campaign. Long tail keywords are one of your keywords in your AdWords ads are not shown.

For example, if you enter "no" as a negative keyword, your AdWords ads will not appear when someone searches for free stuff. Negative keywords are an effective tool for internet users who are looking for free items only.

You can also use negative keywords to display the groups a target for advertising. Insurance broker, will be very useful to distinguish between those who are looking for books, insurance. Did your "book" and the "spirit" negative keywords.

If the keyword is one of several reports ( "Tiger" due to "Tiger Woods" and "Siberian Tiger" Tiger Shark, Tiger, Georgia), then you need to add negative keywords to eliminate independent results.

Broad Match can help you more customers, but be very careful with this option. If you use keyword matching, make sure that your negative keywords, so you do not need to pay for unwanted motion.