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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ecommerce SEO 2015: The Complete How-To

Dear Friends,

Today I am sharing a most effective and very useful article. This article is all about
E-commerce SEO which will help you to know the structure and internal parts which is showing below:


1 Who is this guide for?

2 What is SEO and why do I need it?

3 Some key terms you need to know
3.1 Three kinds of SEO

4 A quick note on how search engines think

5 Part 1: Keyword Research
5.1 Head keywords, long tail keywords, and variants
5.2 Brainstorming for keywords and getting traffic estimates
5.3 Compiling your keywords and prioritizing
5.4 How many keywords? And where?
5.5 Measuring competitiveness
5.6 Note
5.7 Expert tips for keyword research

6 Part 2: On-Page SEO
6.1 Site architecture
6.2 Understanding link juice
6.3 Shopping cart architecture
6.4 Setting up a sitemap
6.5 Understanding HTML tags
6.6 Optimizing images
6.7 Redirects
6.8 Adding markup
6.9 Best practices for home pages
6.10 Best practices for category pages
6.11 Best practices for product pages
6.12 Using Webmaster Tools

7 Part 3: Off-Page SEO
7.1 Content marketing and networking
7.2 Creating and promoting your content
7.3 Link building
7.4 Doing outreach
7.5 Copying your competitors’ links
7.6 Link Building Ideas From Experts
7.7 Social Media
7.8 Grey Hat SEO

8 Part 4: Should you hire an SEO agency?

9 Closing thoughts

This is the right steps to get ranking in GOOGLE SERP.

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