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Thursday, January 7, 2010

SEO For Beginners Is Not Unique

Create a website with beautiful graphics that are not too difficult at all, but how could it be discovered, unless your site is search engine dioptimalkan real problems occur. Without the search engine optimization - (SEO) on your website, is like a window in the great mall, but do not have access to the customer.

Fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel is not so difficult to correct the rules apply SEO to your website, even if you are a beginner, running for hundreds of customers

Depending on the type of website, what is a blog, e-commerce website or a traditional search engine optimization can infuse a little 'harder or easier. As an experienced webmaster, I am writing this article I learned from experience, the search engine optimization. Tag is the most important for maximizing the true title, description and keyword tags. Try to include keywords in your main domain name, because this can give you some benefits of competition. Here are some techniques I learned from over the years:

Title - Tag importantly, make sure the main keyword / s listed in this tag. Personally I will try to keep tags around 68-70 characters, because this is about the point deduction. In the long title may seem like a spam. Remember to use keywords first peak, then the second and the other best

Information - This is important because it tells search engines that your page, so try to make it informative, while including important keywords. After all, remember this information can be displayed in the search engines under the title tag.

Keyword - is not important, but still useful. Make sure all your keywords and phrases that have entered, separated by a (,) and to ensure that all the keywords are actually in the document.

Although the factors mentioned above are important, they do not do all things necessary. There are various techniques other than Google. Link is a key factor, in and out, I found to be important to obtain a higher position. How does Google determine how popular a website is to count the number of different sites that linked to a specific page.

If the page there are many quality sites link to your site and your site must be important. Notice how I said 'quality page rank' which is usually a whole number between 0-10 to determine how important your level of Google sites. At the moment I think your site is probably 1 or 0, that is to say what led to this article. Well, in order to improve the position of this site, you must get links from a web page that has a higher position then you are like 3,4,5,6 ... and so on.

If you are wondering where and how to get to this link you can go to several sources. Try to write articles like this, the company / service and provide a link to your website. Submit your site URL to a web directory and many other requests for payment independent. Contact Webmaster to exchange links or participate in online forums related to what your site is about. Before contacting one be sure to check that the directory page or website that offers a page of links that is eligible position superior to that of your site.

There are other techniques can not talk in this article, but I think I mentioned the key. I hope you found this article and to have provided the starting point of SEO techniques.


  1. These basic stuff can definitely guide newbies with SEO. Some so-called experts also tend to forget about these so this is also a good refresher for them.

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