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Thursday, December 24, 2009

How To Use The First Page Of Google

Instead, a good "my guru explained," to give it, if they really do see Google rank, and one as a result of one's own brand, the first of small, temporary competitive new video displays the results.

I'm really good "Google's search results to include, Efusjon few days a week is to get the video show. The result is also - easier way in the universe, this phrase competition for the millions of people, from now, this is actually in the movie show pleural effusion, and the actual spot on my site. I, I know, but brilliant.

As a general principle here is how it works:

Google meaningless statement to a bunch of easy to understand, Google account, to take place on page two of the three main areas. Query "Do you how popular this page? And also," search term, I ask you a question on this page? If, Google's index, the importance of the research is written on the website to see the actual content is just some complex formula, were measured. Google's search engine spiders it is a simple description of the video is video that is faith, and performance is based on the contents of this information in a way not.

It is easy to understand the popularity, Google ranking for a popular website is based on the following criteria:

1. How many other Web sites relevant to the content of these rights? (Eg, videos, articles, etc. I want to be on the top of the Google web site)

A high-ranking pages link to the actual content of the second?

Third body search as you are happy with the site to promote a very?

Really mean?

So, now you show me the jet tube, Google, and I'm going to do the spiders follow three step process:

1. Tube Mogul free services (Google for more information, use the call out about 10 people, and send the video to various video sites) before you, I mark the link to the video from the original You Tube video I will.

2 The second step, the second is through the Internet, this article is to use a specific article directories is to use a portion of the distribution of software that I recommend to our blog. (Please see my "" For more information on my blog) is recommended for David.

I am using the third one I will call a social bookmarking service for sending video to my social bookmarks back to cable, my blog a couple of my articles. Use only wire is free. Google for more information bank''for.

I quit, I must be doing one thing - I have a similar theme to YouTube and other video links to my videos. Link popularity vote, Google recognition, and the video one of my Google search engine within the first week in one location and there are three "one of the evaluation of the radiation," he said.

This information is not worth what you charge enough, you can, just one single blog entry, and bookmark the content of the main thread of this one you can help your friend between a variety of social networks are also ranked higher in search engines this help information. I enjoyed this information, I hope to help you dominate your niche search engine.

Remember, this is being done today to determine how popular your site to do the next six months will not. Imagine if you are learning, Google's key phrases to rank one day, easily several hundred sites in your niche can be a phrase card, you get thousands of visitors every can.


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