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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Google Rankings Again Appear Meta Description

Extracts from a Web page meta description (in the search results appear) is used a key factor in the ranking. Only a little while ago that Google and Yahoo! Officially announced that it now regards as a meta-description of their search algorithms used. But can Google's ranking factors Meta Description back to life the latest developments in the algorithm.

No, Google to withdraw from the lack of meta - have decided to describe the sequence factor. However, the search rankings on a piece now has a significant influence. There are a lot.

Google and personalized search

Earlier this month announced that they happen all the Google search results on search history basis, even if Google is not logged on user. Individual results are not new to Google. Search giant man SERPs (search engine results for a while) has been optimized to be done but only if I have been looking for a Google account. Today we have signed or not each receive a personal benefit.

How it works

Whether you are logged in, all use Google search in your browser cookies stored. The information that your web editing history and use it to your Google search results. If you are not logged in, your history is stored in 180 days is a new discovery as the old data. If you are entering into a time frame and you can manage your web history. For questions and to influence future running search experience, whether visiting the site.

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